Aaron Coupe Featured in The Perfect Investor

Recently Aaron has been getting a lot of press. Mr Coupe, a normally publicity shy Auckland property developer tends to stay clear of the spot light. However his contribution to New Zealand business and development after many years is bringing him a lot of positive press as of late.

Is Aaron Coupe the Perfect Investor

Our play on words in the title aside, Mr Aaron Peter Coupe the entrepreneur hotelier and construction company owner has been recognized by the perfect investor online newspaper for business people. The flattering article about Aaron Coupe celebrates his success as a co-founder of NZ Mint and being the owner of Greys Avenue Investments limited for over 10 years. Being in business for over 3 years is a milestone in its self for man Kiwi business men. So being in the cut throat world of Auckland property development and investment for over 10 years is a massive achievement.

The humble NZ Mint Co-founder

Aaron is a humble investor as we stated, so you will likely not see him acting as a high flyer on the TVNZ. Rather he prefers to spend time with his children and wife at their Karaka home south of Aucklands CBD. You will often find him offroading in his Landrover rather than rubbing shoulders with Aucklands elite rental property investing and property development business men.

Aaron Coupe Featured in The Perfect Investor
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Aaron Coupe Featured in The Perfect Investor
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Greys Avenue Investments

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